Women supporting women through labour is an ageless tradition common to all cultures.  Traditionally, labouring women were surrounded by family members and experienced women from the community.  As birth became the domain of the medical profession and women moved into hospitals for birth, women lost their essential connection to one another during this time of intense physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual work.

But birth is still an unprecedented event. So women/couples need to be supported and nurtured so their babies can be welcomed with love and respect.  The word doula comes from the ancient Greek meaning a woman who serves.  Thus, a doula serves as a guardian helping women/couples journey through the transition of birth and motherhood in a smooth, positive and nurtured way.

It was the birth of my third child at home that sparked my passion for doula-ing.  I trained with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers’  Paramanadoula doula in 2006.  Through my doula journey, I have been tremendously inspired by: Ina May Gaskin during my immersion stay at the Farm in Tennessee qualifying as an Assistant Midwife in July 2012, Janet Balaskas (Active Birth Foundation Professional module 1: 2009), Pam England (Birthing from within: the art of childbirth mentoring training course 1: 2009), and Dr. Sarah Buckley (Undisturbed birth study day in May 2011).

As a member of Doula UK (DUK), my practice reflects the Doula UK philosophy and the Doula UK code of conduct.

In addition, I taught for 8 years DUK approved Courses training hundreds of future doulas for Nurturing Birth, Developing Doulas, and BirthBliss Doula Courses.   Last but not least, I have been a DUK Doula Mentor for the past 10 years, providing ongoing mentoring to doulas in training through their doula recognition journey.