This birth/breastfeeding preparation workshop is different because it is holistic.  Holistic childbirth preparation means preparing the body, the mind and the heart.  We work through a variety of multi-sensory activities to tap into your body-mind wisdom. Some of the topics covered include:

  • physiology and anatomy of labour: understanding hormones and how they work
  • exploring myths and tackling fears
  • creating an oxytocin boosting environment (hospital and/or home)
  • strategies/comfort measures to help you cope with the intensity at home/hospital
  • the different stages of labour
  • ways in which your birth partner can be most supportive
  • acupressure points & massage techniques for labour
  • optimal foetal positioning
  • exploring your birth preferences/birth plan given your options in a hospital or a home birth
  • talk through your birth options, navigate the NHS system and protocols to empower you to make informed choices
  • using positions to create space in the pelvis
  • how the pelvic floor muscles aid the second stage
  • staying in the present moment: breathing techniques
  • yoga and Active Birth positions for the different stages of labour
  • breast/Feeding preparation with my International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) hat on
  • the postnatal period: caring for your baby and yourself in the early days.

Venue: My teaching studio in Merton Park

A resource pack of material will be provided.  This workshop consists of 2 sessions 3 hours long in my teaching studio (1 or several couples).  The first day is a birth preparation and the second day is a breastfeeding preparation session.

Please email me directly for more information.

“Everything you said about labour was absolutely accurate: the intensity was unreal (particularly as my labour was so short, officially less than 3 hours) but the reward at the end is incredible. One of the first things I told Nick afterwards was that I could do it all again!

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Nick and I, as we’ve constantly been mentioning advice you gave us either during your pregnancy yoga classes or your “Birthing-with-awareness workshop”


While it was our second baby, I felt both myself and my husband needed a refresher on both the birth process and techniques we can use throughout labour. I gave Indira quite a long list of topics and she was able to tailor the session perfectly to suit our needs, checking throughout that she was covering what I had intended. She offered a mix of information and practical work (for massage techniques).
Having the private session was perfect as it felt personal and focussed purely on our upcoming birth and our approach to it. Having a child already meant we’d not spent as much time as with our first thinking or talking about the birth so these few hours really helped us to focus. Afterwards, we were able to decide our preferences for the birth plan feeling confident.
It made a big difference to how I was feeling about the birth – from creating a feeling of calm about it to knowing my options and the process involved.

Indira is warm and welcoming and puts you at ease to ask any questions or discuss any points. The session was relaxed and flexible in terms of covering more or less of each area as we wanted to. Indira’s wealth of experience as a doula was a real bonus as she was able to use real-life examples of births to discuss the information in the session. I found this particularly useful and something I don’t feel you would necessarily get in other birth prep workshops/courses.
We would highly recommend a birth preparation workshop with Indira for first time or experienced parents.

Jenner, January 2017

“We massively enjoyed the workshop!  Although we had already done another course, this one was so positive for us, and we felt we’d come away with so many tips and focus areas to discuss.  Loads to think about.  I’m feeling a lot more positive that Ed can really help me to manage my worries, and Ed feels like you were able to explain where he can really be the support that I need. He says he feels like he knows how to be more useful now.

Thank you so much.”

Becky, September 2017