Pregnancy yoga


Pregnancy yoga

Yoga is a wonderful path to help you sail through a healthy pregnancy, prepare you to birth-with-awareness and also for your life’s next chapter: motherhood.

What makes my classes truly unique is that they prepare you physically through the yoga; but they also provide ongoing weekly antenatal preparation/education.  So they prepare you at all levels for the birth of your baby.  We have a cup of tea and a chat after each class and discuss topics related to pregnancy, birth, the postnatal period and motherhood.  Regular attendance will help you feel as best prepared as you can; also by meeting the same mums-to-be week after week you will develop long-term friendships.

I have practised Iyengar yoga through my three pregnancies for the past 22 years, taught pregnancy at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Maida Vale and  I have had the honour of supporting over 100 couples through births as a birth doula for the past decade.  This has given me great insight into the process of birth.  And last but not least, my classes also draw on all the physiology + anatomy knowledge of pregnancy and labour that I gained from Ina May Gaskin and her fabulous team of midwives, at The Farm, during my Assistant Midwife Apprenticeship in 2012.


Weekly prenatal yoga classes in Wimbledon


19.00-20.30         Pregnancy yoga (cup of tea + pregnancy/birth topics discussion included) in Wimbledon: Gooseberry Bush


18.00-19.30          Pregnancy yoga (cup of tea + pregnancy/birth topics) in Wimbledon: Gooseberry Bush

There will be no classes on: the 23 of December, 27 of December, 30 of December and 3 of January.  Classes resume as normal on Sunday the 6th of January 19.

  • Pregnancy yoga (1.30 hrs) at Gooseberry Bush Wimbledon:  Cost of 6 classes pass is £90 until 35 weeks inclusive (8 weeks validity from date of purchase), if you have bought a class pass you carry on paying £15 from 36 weeks onwards.   Drop-in fee is £17.
  • Class passes are non-refundable, non-extendable and non-transferable to other classes. Try first class for £17 drop-in fee and then buy a class pass afterwards to secure your place.

Advance booking is essential as both classes are very popular and tend to be fully booked.

Benefits of pregnancy yoga

The Iyengar method is unique in that it uses a variety of yoga props to assist students so that mothers and babies obtain the greatest benefits without strain.  Prenatal yoga holds many physical, mental and emotional benefits.  According to Iyengar yoga for motherhood by Geeta Iyengar, these are some of the benefits:

  • strengthens the whole spine and prevents skeletal imbalances,
  • builds strength, stamina, and flexibility,
  • broadens and widens the pelvis and opens vaginal canal,
  • tones the entire nervous system,
  • decreases swelling of the legs,
  • removes fatigue,
  • removes sciatica pain,
  • alleviates heartburn,
  • reduces anxiety and nervous tension,
  • calms the mind by reducing neo-cortex activity,
  • postural awareness increases optimal fetal positioning,
  • enhances secretion of endorphins,
  • breathing techniques develop awareness for pain management,
  • increases confidence and trust in your ability to give birth, and improves energy levels.

Are you interested in my Birthing/Breastfeeding-with-awareness workshop for couples?  Find out more in under that section in my website.

One-to-one:  private sessions tailored to your specific pregnancy yoga needs in the comfort of your home or in my home teaching studio in Merton Park/Wimbledon.

Postnatal yoga class (private group by request only)

The postnatal period is a major transition for women. This class is designed to help the new mum get her body back from the demands of pregnancy.   We focus on aligning feeding shoulders and upper body, toning and strengthening the lower back and the abdominal muscles and working on pelvic floor muscles.  It also supplies a much-needed place to relax, regenerate and unwind.

I am compiling a birth testimonial section with all the beautiful birth stories you have shared with me from all the pregnancy yoga classes that I have taught over the past years. Please keep them coming, all birth stories deserve to be shared and cherished.  Have a read if you are interested: