Weekly classes



19.00-20.30                       General: my yoga studio (Merton Park)


9.45-11.30                            Intermediate: Tooting Iyengar studio


13.30-15.00                        NEW!  General/Gentle: my yoga studio (Merton Park)


18.30-19.45                           Restorative: Tooting Iyengar studio



This popular General class takes place in my stunning luminous yoga studio, which is fully equipped with sets of ropes and all props provided.  Highly recommended as a foundation to deepen the understanding of yoga poses.  All abilities and ages including beginners are welcome! This is a small group to give individualized attention to each student.

Advance booking is essential as this class tends to be fully booked!


6 class pass valid for 2 calendar months (excluding all holidays) £75
Single class £14
Class passes are non-refundable, non-extendable and non-transferable to other classes.
Concessions available to: under 25’s and full-time students, state pension holders, 65 and over, Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) claimants, Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) claimants and Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment claimants.
This class runs during term time only.


Intermediate: A safe exploration of the living architecture of the body through precise physical alignment. Progressive, safe and profoundly transformative, this class builds inner strength and stamina, flexibility and balance, concentration and meditation. Pranayama is taught regularly.  This class is for committed Iyengar yoga practitioners with at least 5 years of practice and that have a regular practice of Sirsasana and Sarvangasana.


Restorative: Restorative yoga strikes a beautiful balance between gentle activity and relaxation. It is essentially ‘active relaxation’ which stems from the therapeutic work of BKS Iyengar. Through supported and/or supine yoga postures, we promote physiological responses in the body so it can relax, restore and even heal. Most of the organs and the systems in the body benefit enormously.  We use different props to help you hold the postures effortlessly, for a long amount of time and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. Open to anyone that is experiencing any kind of stress and needs a recuperative supported practice.

Gentle (60+ older students): This gentle class is for anyone who wants to practice at a slower pace, particularly for those who are stiffer, have long-standing ailments such as injuries, or those who just require a more gentle practice. Older students find that Iyengar yoga helps them maintain flexibility and stamina, props are used to make the classical poses easier for all. Whether you have done yoga previously or have no experience, all are welcome.  This class will start 7 of May!


one-to-one:  private session tailored to your specific needs, where you can explore the basics of Iyengar yoga, deepen your understanding or work on a particular aspect of your yoga practice, your home or my yoga studio.

+ corporate classes are also available, please email me