Birth Packages

Birth and breastfeeding package:


  • An introductory initial interview approximately 1 hour long at a mutually convenient location
  • Two X 2 hours ante-natal/birth preparation sessions at your home with your partner before the birth.
  • Being on call from the moment you book me, by phone, text or emails
  • Continuous support during labour and birth
  • Absolute continuity of care during pregnancy, birth and the post natal period
  • A resource birth pack of material that includes: 1) a comprehensive reading list with some of the best up-to-date books; 2) an extensive and updated websites list; 3) several articles and other useful material in preparation for birth (including some of my own publications)
  • Borrowing any of my books and/or DVDs from my extensive personal library
  • 20% discount on private yoga sessions (pregnancy or post natal) and private IBCLC breastfeeding consultations from time of booking up to 6 weeks postpartum.


  • On call 24 hours, for 4 weeks (14 days before and after your due date)
  • Continuous emotional, physical and informational support from when I join you in established labour, until you and baby are settled (usually 2 hours after baby’s birth)
  • Specialized and evidence-based breastfeeding support with my International Board Certified Lactation Consultant hat on
  • I would help you right after you have given birth with the initiation of breastfeeding. That is helping you to latch your baby for the first time, showing you with no rush different positions and showing you how to recognise your baby is swallowing, how to recognise your baby is getting enough.


  • 4 postnatal sessions to help you establish breastfeeding
  • I would usually see you with 2/3 days after your birth (during the colostrum phase) and help you in the comfort of your home with further position and attachment, as well as avoiding transitory sore nipples.
  • Once your milk comes in (usually between days 3-5), I would see you again as you might have other challenges such as engorgement.
  • Then I would typically see you again at around 10 days to 2 weeks to make sure your baby has regained its birth weight, and then one last session at either 3 or 4 weeks to answer any unanswered questions and make sure you have found a happy breastfeeding rhythm.  I would be providing continuity of care which is rare these days and extremely valuable, as mothers are many times given a lot of contradictory advice, feeling lost.
  • Debrief your birth journey.
  • Support you by phone, email or text, in the early days with questions about the postnatal period, baby and breastfeeding, or other areas for 40 days after your baby was born.



This is the same Birth Doula support you get in the full package but with no guarantee of availability.   If I am available, I will come to you when you are in established labour and support you through the labour and birth and for the first couple of hours to help you get comfortable and see that baby is feeding.

Please note I cannot guarantee availability and won’t be ‘on call’ for you under this arrangement.


Post natal session: “Closing of the bones” (La Cerrada):


Closing the Bones is a postnatal celebration session to help bring a woman/mother back to herself, physically, emotionally and energetically after birth.   It draws from a number of postnatal traditions from around the world, but particularly from the Mayan culture.  The emphasis is on supporting a woman following birth, in a way that we seem to have forgotten in the West.
Many women find that when they have given birth they feel ‘broken open’.  The physical work brings her bones and internal organs back into alignment. The honouring, focus and intention of the ceremony helps the woman draw her energy back into herself.
There are several options, but it usually starts with a cleansing and clearing bath in preparation for the closing, using special oils to make you feel warm and relaxed. That is followed by a pampering abdominal or body massage, to help draw the woman’s energy back into her creative centre the womb.  Afterwards comes the sifting of rebozos (Mexican traditional cloth) in different parts of your body to enhance relaxation. During the closing the woman is ‘tucked in’ using the rebozos around different parts of her body. She is then allowed to rest in this place for as long as she needs for it to feel complete.

This is done in the comfort of your home (allow 2-3 hours), I do it with an experienced doula/masseuse friend and you can invite special female friends or family. The closing is highly recommend when there has been a caesarean birth, a traumatic birth experience, loss, abortion, illness or anything that needs to be closed and left behind.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about prices and availability, please email/call me directly.