about me



Indira Lopez-Bassols


B.A. with Hons, MSc, IBCLC, LLL leader


While studying for a Master of Science degree at the London School of Economics in 1996, I bought by coincidence BKS Iyengar’s book Light on yoga without suspecting it would change my life.

My need to understand the living architecture of the body grew class after class.  And, the profound yet mysterious experience of inner stillness led me to become a qualified teacher.

The practice of Iyengar yoga and the art of just sitting during my three pregnancies was invaluable in aligning and preparing body, mind, and heart for birth and through my mothering journey.

Inspired by own beautiful birth experiences, I embarked on another life journey as a birth doula, and trained with Michel Odent/Liliana Lammers in 2006.

In addition, I work as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) which is the highest credential awarded in lactation. I work as a clinician as the Specialist Breastfeeding Consultant for the Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust where I run a weekly clinic (by HV referral only) for complex breastfeeding dyads in Merton. I also have a private clinical practice as part of Breastfeeding London.

I am the Breastfeeding London Course Director/Founder and lead Lecturer. The Breastfeeding London Course is the only one in the UK that has been granted professional accreditation by the Royal College of Midwives and is taught by a multidisciplinary team.  It meets and exceeds the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) exam requirements.  In addition, I have been working as a volunteer Breastfeeding Counsellor in my local community for La Leche League GB for the past 10 consecutive years, offering free breastfeeding support.

Over the years, teaching/lecturing/public speaking has become a lifelong passion; I am a public speaker with international experience in the field of breastfeeding and human lactation.

In my scarce free time, I love being in nature and have great respect and admiration for all wild plants and their healing properties.  I enjoy contemplative practices as well as writing, singing and storytelling. Having lived all over the world, Mexican in my heart and fully trilingual, I love travelling and discovering new horizons.

Last but not least, my life and work have been entirely inspired by my three children -my greatest day-to-day teachers-, and my beloved husband, who is rock solid in my life.