Breastfeeding support

“My LC came to see us at home for a one-to-one session and I was impressed with the quality of knowledge and advice she delivered. Her experience, attention to detail and even her international background meant she was able to provide me with a holistic and comprehensive assessment of the breastfeeding difficulties I was facing and direct me to the most appropriate additional sources of help. I would say that her work really does help us fine-tune what should be considered an art in constant progression – only through patience and practice can it be mastered while no day resembles the next.”


“Hi Indira,

I’m delighted to say we are still successfully breastfeeding. The oversupply calmed down after a couple of weeks of feeding in a reclined position. I have now fed on park benches, at the back of the car, on the train to Waterloo.  Nicholas is growing beautifully and staying at the 50th centile. In the last 2 weeks he has learnt to roll, laugh and blow raspberries. We haven’t used a bottle since mid February but we are  still fervent dummy users.  I am now very passionate about telling people that IBCLCs are the health care professional to see in case of feeding issues.  I am so grateful for your help it has completely saved my breastfeeding Jasper. I hope this find you well.   Warm regards.”


“Indira your work as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is really important.  If I were you I would make sure everyone in your pregnancy yoga classes knows what you do as I am sure many people would benefit from your expertise as so many people struggle with breastfeeding.  I have now seen loads of breastfeeding people for advice and the best advice I received was from you. You were so patient with us, empathetic, knowledgable, trustworthy, warm, grounded, and the list can go on.  I would have given up by now if I had not happened upon your help.  Every hospital should have a proper lactation consultant on hand.  I am going to write to The Conquest Hospital to tell them what I think!”


“Our son was born prematurely. The first month we had to spend so much time in hospital, for several medical reasons. It was a very intense and emotional time. Indira’s support as an IBCLC was essential. I sincerely have no idea how I could have achieved exclusive breastfeeding without her help. Her continuous kind support, visiting us in hospital several times, and phone calls, texts, emails helped us go through very difficult and challenging situations. She was extremely helpful in the post natal period. She offered alternative feeding methods so I could give my expressed breast milk without interfering with the initiation of breastfeeding. She kindly showed me how to maximise my pumping output while still in hospital in the early days. She was so helpful in given me evidence-based information when I had a bout of mastitis. She was always there for us in practical and emotional ways in the first few weeks. Whenever I had doubts and fears she would have the right reassuring answer. Her presence as an IBCLC and woman-mother herself, as well as all her unique abilities to communicate, listen, orient and support where priceless.

The grey and difficult days are now over; our baby is now 4 months and exclusively breastfeeding! He has put on so much weight that people can’t believe he was born prematurely. I am enjoying breastfeeding and it is well worth all the effort we put into it. Indira helps us tremendously; I cannot put into words how much I owe her. I am deeply grateful as she has been so important in this transition into motherhood and I know I would not be where I am if it was not for her. She kept me going through all the challenges; she helped me preserve my desire to breastfeed (even through the darkest times) and nurtured me and my family with strength and loving compassion so we could leave the entire first few days trauma far behind.”


“I am still taking several galactogogues and I am producing more milk and giving it to my baby. I have not given up!!!! I feel our breastfeeding relationship has greatly improved and I have totaly accepted my current situation and my role as a breastfeeding mother.
I would like to thank you for all the faith, strength and courage u gave me to not accept all the floating information we are all surrounded by. In addition, thank you for helping me not accept all the wrong advice that wrongly informed people gave me. You helped me open my eyes and realise that i could do it, that i could breastfeed if i really wanted to. Every day i still fight but i can say without any doubt that there is nothing as beautiful as seeing my baby breastfeeding. Even though it may be partially i have come to accept that there are many definitions of a breastfeeding mother.”


“Hi Indira:

I hope you are doing well.  Just a quick update for you.  I feel feeding has improved as we are feeding comfortably without injury and Hudson seems more efficient – lots of gulping and good swallowing. 🙂  I am feeling very positive about our nursing future. 🙂  I’m still wearing the breast collection shells and collecting an average surplus of 280 – 340 ml per day.  As Hudson hasn’t needed the top ups and my freezer stock was building so quickly, Aidan’s bedtime bottle is now all breast milk instead of cow’s milk.  He guzzles down every single drop of the breastmilk whereas he used to leave extra cow’s milk..  It is so very satisfying to be able to give him so much milk and to see him enjoy it as well. Not only am I able to give Aidan’s only bottle in breast milk, but I am still freezing an average of 90 – 140 ml per day.  The freezing bags are fantastic.
All is well with us and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support!!  You have played a large role in helping resolve nursing challenges with Hudson.
Warmest wishes,


“Hi Indira,

Happy new year! I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help with Charlotte in 2012.  We have just had a lovely holiday and everything has fallen into place.  Charlotte is doing so well.  Her tummy is now totally settled and she is eating tons of food everyday! We are still very cautious about diary but she is having a very small amount with no problems.  She is also now sleeping 8-12hours most nights, is full of energy during the day and managing short naps for me (I feel like a new woman!). I’m still breast feeding but will start day time weaning soon in preparation for going back to work.

Thank you again for supporting me during a very difficult time of motherhood!


“Indira has literally changed my life as she identified the caused of all my breastfeeding problems. She has been the only one to understand immediately that the recurrent mastitis and my son’s insufficient weight gain were caused by his tongue tie, easily solvable. No one at all the breastfeeding cafes I attended picked it up, not even the doctors. Finally, thanks to her, after three months of painful and exhausting breastfeeding, I can enjoy it and my son can thrive. I can’t thank Indira enough for what she has done for me and just wish I had met her before.”


“Thank you Indira for everything you have done for us!  Thank you for all the information and support in the early days when Martha lost weight and breastfeeding was not going well.  Those were difficult times as we were receiving so much contradictory advice from the well intentioned health professionals.  Thank you for guiding us on how to gradually reduce her formula intake and fully transition her back to the breast.  She is doing really well and the breastfeeding is going really well too.  She’s jumped up to the 75th percentile and the health visitors were surprised she was only being breastfed.  She is a much happier baby and we are much happier parents.”


“I wanted to comment on the wonderful support I have received from Indira. Since meeting Indira she has put in many hours supporting me with detailed information on how to improve my breastfeeding experience. If I had not met Indira I would have been incredible disheartened and despite being very determined its possible that I would not have carried on breastfeeding without Indira’s support. Just wanted to express how grateful I am.”

Grace O’Molloy

“Jonathan lost weight in the first few days and was jaundice, so we had to supplement him.  I was then told I had thrush and was about to give up when we saw Indira.  Her prescence was very reassuring, and all information was very thorough.  Even though I had seen countless breastfeeding experts and visited many breastfeeding drop ins the Clapham area, she was the first to mention to me that I had insufficient glandular tissue, which I was not even aware of. Thank you for all your invaluable support and on going help. ”


“I first sought help with breastfeeding when my baby was 4 weeks old.  I had experienced pain from the beginning, and my baby appeared increasingly dissatisfied after feeds. I had just put up with the pain thinking,’ this will get better with time’, but by 6 weeks my baby just was not happy, I was convinced I was not providing enough milk and I was ready to give up.

After four trips to the hospital breast feeding service, things were not improving and I was left feeling inadequate and being told that the damage I was experiencing during feeds was not ‘significant’; that the pain and baby dissatisfaction were simply due to a poor latch; and that I should keep working on it.  Despite being told to keep coming back to get support/advice, I left the last drop in session in tears when I was told there was nothing else they could suggest.

I then sought help from Indira. I immediately felt completely different.   Indira was very knowledgeable and was able to answer a range of questions and deal with lots of different concerns, with informative and sensible advice.  After watching my baby feed Indira immediately said there must be something more going on than a poor latch and suggested that my baby may be Tongue tied.  She checked her mouth and confirmed her belief that a posterior TT was present, and went on to explain how this would affect feeding.

On my request she then arranged a referral for the Tongue Tie to be clipped, while providing additional support and advice on how to manage feeding until this could be done.  She also explained that having the Tongue Tie clipped may not be the magical cure, but that it could help with feeding.

After a lot of soul searching and worry about having the procedure done, (in case it hurt our baby) and a false start when a doctor said there was no tongue tie, the Tongue Tie was confirmed by a specialist at Kings College Hospital and we went ahead and had the Tongue Tie clipped.  It seemed to have very little impact on our baby in terms of pain and she breastfed straight after the procedure.

Following the procedure, Indira spent time with me in her own home, working on different methods of latching and helping me to improve feeds with the use of breast compressions.  She discussed laid back/biological nursing and showed me how to feed lying down, so that I would be able to breastfeed more easily at night.  She also explained how I could express my milk more effectively (having never been able to express more that 1oz previously).  All the advice was hugely helpful and effective.

As Indira had cautioned, the clip of the Tongue Tie was not the magical fix that we had hoped for, and feeds are still not totally pain free (during referral for Tongue Tie we were also told that baby has a high palate which can also impact on breastfeeding comfort).

However!  We are now at 17 weeks and baby is still being exclusively breast fed.  Through all the advice, she is much more satisfied after feeds and although I still experience some discomfort, it is much more manageable and I am not thinking about giving up at every feed!

Without the support of Indira I have no doubt that I would not have continued to breastfeed for this long.  She made me realise that there was light at the end of the tunnel and has helped to make my breastfeeding experience possible – and now enjoyable.  The whole experience was caring and supportive and all advice was given with real compassion.

Thank you so much for helping me and my baby.”

Claire Duffy

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