“I have for a long time, observed and been interested in the way people work energetically. Noticing the way people exchange energy, give and take energy subconsciously and have been aware that by creating the right environment and holding space for someone, it is much easier for them to step into their own power and channel their own energy. This requires patience, stillness and calm but with the strong grounded energy that makes people feel safe enough to open up. Indira is every bit this energy.” Diane

“How you approach birth is intimately connected with how you approach life -by William Sears.  How you approach life Indira is inspiring, empowering and connected. ” Laura

“I think your passion Indira and dedication to other women and to the subject of childbirth, breastfeeding and motherhood makes you a powerful person, one that has the gift of conveying peace, confidence, wisdom and to create an environment full of love and comprehension.  I hope you continue with your work, which touches so many hearts and lives.” Barbara

“I left on such a high, feeling exhilarated and full of excitement and inspiration. I loved listening to every fact Indira had to share and was gripped from the moment she began.  She was a wonderfully inspiring teacher.   I knew that I was definitely on the right course and I felt like my brain was a sponge just soaking up the information and enjoying every moment.” Lizzie

“This has been an amazing experience, I cannot begin to put into words how beautiful and inspiring this course has been.  Indira you are a beautiful teacher, your grow calmness, enthusiasm and a real passion.  I could have not asked for a better teacher, and I will carry my amazing experience with me for the rest of my life.” Karis

“Dear Indira: In these past days so much transformation has occurred that it may not be possible to describe everything here.  Naturally I was driven from this shift to express a deep appreciation for opening this intimate space and guiding this journey with such a diverse group of women.  I have been utter admiration and awe of you as a woman, your ability to guide us through such a transformational process with so much information, heart and an embracing power.  London is blessed to have you.  And I am utterly grateful to have been lead by you.  Somehow you presented me with the perfect challenge and a guiding light”.  Camalo

“Dear Indira:  Remembering today… I was touched by your strength that speaks through the words of your experience. And the immense beauty and stillness I see in you.  You’ve been an amazing inspiration and I cherish our contact. Thank you for being the radiant light that you are. I am sending you heartfelt hug.” Rachel